Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

To strive for collision repair excellence

To affirm and defend the rights as independent business owners, to serve  our clients based upon our one-to-one contractual relationship with  those clients without any 3rd party interference...

To resist any Influence of outside entities that would mandate the use of  inferior parts, materials and/or techniques that would be utilized in  the repair of our customers' vehicles.

 To Increase Consumer Awareness as to any 3rd party efforts to negate,  dilute, or otherwise compromise the rights of vehicle owners.

To support the actions of those entities when said efforts are consistent with the best interests of vehicle owners.

To facilitate Consumer Protection in any administrative, investigative, or political process that may attempt to affect or influence the rights of vehicle owners and/or those who seek to serve them.

To encourage our collision repair clients to promote ethical business  practices that will benefit the industry and the vehicle owner.

To Promote our name and mission recognition among consumers.

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