History Of  theCCRE
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theCCRE was started by independent repair facility owners that recognized the  increasing control being exerted by insurers upon the collision repair  industry .

Without the formation of such an organization there is no telling where  insurers would be today with regards to the usage of inferior, imitation parts and other practices that harm the independent repair facility.  These actions rob the shops of necessary profits to compensate  technician's properly and perfect appropriate repairs on consumers  vehicles.

in 2004. it was agreed, by the governing board,  to include technicians  and post repair inspectors in our coalition. The board felt in order to  have a true coalition of people from within the collision repair  industry, it would be necessary to include other key people rather than  just shop owners.

The CCRE now consists of Shop Owners, Technicians, Post Repair Inspectors  and managers and employees that want to see a positive change in this  industry. These people still maintain that the integrity of the  collision repair industry should be comprised of only those who are  actively involved in the repair of collision damaged vehicles

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