Know The Law
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There is one Federal Document which we believe should be made readily available to Everyone. We are referring to the 1963 Consent Decree which we have published to this site. To access it, simply click on the  document title appearing within this text or on the sub-link at the  bottom of this page.

This concept of legal knowledge for theCCRE member shops is a nationwide  effort. Through the knowledge gained by educating shop owners and  managers of the legal rights they have, Consumers and shop owners alike  will grasp a better understanding of exactly what their rights are.

1963 Consent Decree

When this decree was signed, the insurers agreed not to interfere in the appraisals of damage and not to interfere with the repair shops performing repairs.

Federal Laws

Link to the governing federal law from Cornell Law

State Statutes

State Websites
Each link below will take you to the state's homepage. From there you can locate the link to your states Statues, pending  legislation, legislature contacts well as a wealth of knowledge  pertaining to your individual state.

Departments of Insurance

 Search for your state's Department of Insurance Regulators. You will also be able to search the web site  for laws and regulations on most of these state's web sites

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