Media Articles
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Although CCRE prefers to work mostly behind the scenes to keep from revealing  our endeavors, we occasionally are recognized by the media for our  accomplishments. Some of these articles are listed below.

Philadelphia. --Taking Back The Collision Repair Industry. 2012

Philadelphia Legal Seminar 2012

Who is the CCRE- Interview with Tony Lombardozzi

CIC€s Proposed List of Direct Repair Criteria Would Erode True Fair Trade says CCRE

Take Back Control Of Your Business-2007

CCRE president disputes ASA vision of repairer-insurer relations

Northeast Leadership Forum 2012

East  Coast Resolution Forum 2011

Putting Repairers Back In The Drivers Seat

Patrick McGuire article  “Keep This Job”
Well worth the reading

A synopsis of the Atlanta Seminar is covered in this great article written by Chasidy Sisk of
Auto Body News.

Click here to read the entire article.

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