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Sponsor-Membership Application Form

PLEASE print clearly and legibly

Business Name: ________________________________________________________   Title (Owner, Manager,Tech): ______________

Street Address: _____________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________ State: _____________ Zip____________________

Phone:_________________________________ Fax:__________________________________

Web Site URL _____________________________________________________________


Sponsored By:______________________________________________________________
                              If no sponsor, leave blank and a CCRE representative will contact you.

  • ____ Collision Shop Owner Sponsor   $ 365.00
  • ____  PRI-IVE (Post Repair Inspectors, Independent Vehicle Examiners)  $300.00
  • ____ T-E (Technician or Employees of collision repair facilities   $125.00
  • ____ Affiliate Sponsor  Bronze $1,000.00, Silver $1,500.00, Gold $ 2,500.00 Platinum any amount over $2,500.00 Trade Associations,Auto Manufacturers,    Equipment Manufacturers, trade publications,  Investigative or legal professionals. Newsletter recognition included at option of Affiliate Sponsor.
  • All membership prices are for annual dues, based on a full payment.  Optional payment plans are available upon request. All applications and applicants are subject to Board approval.
  • Mail payment and application to:                                                       CCRE Limited
                                                                                                                PO Box 71
                                                                                                     Spring City, PA. 19475-0071

                                                                           Phone toll free 877-700-7743 Fax toll free 877-700-7747

                                                                                      website: or

Please click this PRINT LINK to print the APPLICATION. It is an Adobe Acrobat file and will open in Adobe Reader. Click the print command in Adobe and the file will print.

IMPORTANT You can send in a check with the application form or you can fax us the application and pay with PAYPAL. See PayPal instructions below.

can pay their membership dues by Clicking on the PayPal Button. Please be sure to add your shop name in the appropriate block. Please don't forget to fax us the registration form so that we may match it to your payment. You can use the PayPal payment method even if you do not have a PayPal account.

         Renewing Members
can click the PayPal image below and go directly to the PayPal Section.  Don't forget to add your shop name in the appropriate box so we can  match your payment to your account.

Cick here for your PayPal Options

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