Non OEM Complaints

Certified Part Complaint Form

By completing theCCRE complaint form you will be making a traceable record at the CCRE as to your specific experiences with "Certified" parts.  theCCRE will be keeping a separate database of all the information  collected from this form and will be making this data available to any  qualified independent investigative entities (Attorney's, Journalists,  Legislators, etc.) or involved participants wishing this information.

theCCRE recommends you print this form for your records before you prompt the "send complaint" button.



¬ May we release your name to the manufacturer? Yes No

Car Make:

Car Model:

Year of Car:


Please select type of part¬  (select one only):

Bumper Cover Front


Bumper Cover, Rear

Lamp Cover

Door Shell Left

Quarter Panel

Door Shell, Right

Radiator Support

Fender, Left

Side Molding

Fender, Right

Tail Gate


Truck Bed

Header Panel

Trunk Lid

Headlight Bezel

 Please supply the following information about the part:


 Manufacturer: Aftmkt

 Part Number: Aftmkt.

Lot Number Aftmkt  (Stamped on Part):

Seal Number:If Any

OEM #:

 You are a:

Collision Repairer


Insurance Adjuster

Other (specify):

 Please supply the following information about yourself:

Your Name:

Your Company:

Address Line 1:

Address Line 2:







 Please supply the following information about the part's distributor:


Distributor Name:

Address Line 1:

Address Line 2:







 What was wrong with the part? (Give details below. Select as many as you like.)


Adhesive - Too Much
Adhesive - Too Little
Appearance - Ripples
Appearance - Dings
Appearance - Mold Overflow
Body Line - Poor
Contour - Poor (Corners & Edges Poorly Formed)
Cut - Poor (Light or Grille Cut Our Location)
Gap - Inconsistent
Gap - Too Wide
Fit - Poor
Not Flush with Adjacent Parts
Grind Marks Evident
Holes/Brackets - Poorly Placed
Holes/Brackets - Wrong Size
Installation (Significantly Exceeded Book Time)

Length - Too Long
Length - Too Short
Latch Problems
Packing Inadequate
Paint - Inconsistent
Paint - Doesn't Adhere Well
Seal Missing
Shipping Damage Evident
Studs - Inappropriate Location
Surface - Wavy
Width - Too Wide
Width - Not Wide Enough
Welds - Missing
Welds - Weak
Welded Fastener - Inappropriate Location

 Location of Problem/Comments/Other

  Is the part available for inspection, if necessary? Yes No

 Are Photos Available? Yes No

 Did you return the part to the distributor? Yes No

 Did you end up using OEM to complete this job? Yes No

 Was this part recommended by an insurance company? Yes No

 If "Yes" . . . Please provide - Name of Insurance Company:

Thank you for completing theCCRE complaint form .
Press the "send complaint" button to finish.


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